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Do you want to set new goals, achieve success and have your best year ever?


I’m going to take you through:


The questions you need to ask yourself to find and define the right goals that add meaning to your life.

How to confirm and validate that these really are the goals that You want to achieve.


The specific techniques you can use to harness the power of small habits and significantly boost your success.

The decision making process that most people use and how reversing it will heighten your self-esteem and empower you.

The counter-intuitive approach to failure that can provide dramatic transformation in your life.


Daily rituals that will set you up for success before you’ve even started on your goals.

Strategies to ensure you continue to achieve even when the going gets tough and you’re convinced that quitting is the right thing to do.

Cheat sheets and much more, all delivered in less than 25 minutes a day.

My name is Alastair Macartney and I’ll be taking your through the Win At Life In 1 Week Course.

I’m a World Champion BASE jumper, former Army Officer and I’ve run a multi-million dollar business. I blog at Perfect Madness, Medium and the Huffington Post as well as having been featured in a variety of international media outlets such as The Times, CBS, The Sun, Fox 4 News and Sky News.

I’ve come up against my fair share of challenges in life. Over the years I’ve put together my strategies to find and define the right goals and take them through to completion and success.

It wasn’t always easy for me. I had great ideas, ambitions and goals but failed to see them through. Sometimes I failed to take action or procrastinated.

This course is about You. It’s about your goals, finding the right ones specifically for you – not for your parents, spouse or friends, but for you. It’s then about ensuring you can achieve them successfully with tips, tricks and techniques that you can use to really take it to the next level and ensure success.

There will be side effects when you follow through on what I tell you – you’ll develop more confidence, self-esteem and be happier. This is more than just basic goal setting – this course provides transformational change that will not only provide you with the tools to succeed but empower on your journey to success and the achievement of your goals.

Achieving your goals isn’t easy – that’s why they’re goals. Let’s work together and make sure you have your best year ever!

This course is developed from what I’ve learned, often through trial and error, and spent years researching. Some of the content isn’t new but I’ve honed it, along with parts that I’ve completely developed myself, into a specific and actionable strategy.

I might leap from buildings or fly wingsuits in the mountains but I’m an ordinary down-to-earth guy just like the rest of us. I’ve got a beautiful wife, an amazing son who recently turned one year old and two dogs. This, coupled with my business experience, means that I can take many of the lessons I learned in the military or in the mountains and relate them directly into the traditional office, work and home environments.


Risk Free


This is 100% Risk Free for 30 days. Just complete the course and, if you somehow feel you didn’t get complete value for money, we’ll happily refund you.

High Quality Content

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Putting YOU In The Top 80% Of People

I’ve felt that I’ve been sat at a muddy crossroads unable to choose what direction I need to be taking and how to take positive action towards my future.

Having started the course and using the tools provided I was able to ask myself some serious questions as to what direction, and what I needed to motivate myself to achieve the goals I never really knew I had.

The hardest part for me was just to get started but with the ease of it being video based I found it much less of a chore. I found the first few units extremely helpful in just identifying what I needed to be looking for especially the habits and identifying goals section and with this I found that I was motivated to get off my backside and take affirmative action.

I find the lessons bite sized and simple to digest – no long winded speeches – and the interactive parts I find set my mind up for some serious thought for the rest of the day. I’m actually buzzing from it right now.

I have been recommending this course to a number of my close friends that I know would specifically benefit and I continue to tell people that it could help everyone reassess their lives.

I fully recommend this course and the benefits of it to everyone.

Stuart Ryan


How is the course delivered?

The course is primarily delivered using videos. However, there is also a cheat sheet, some quick quizzes and a small bit of homework that you’ll need to do that will involve putting pen to paper.

Which package should I get?

It depends on what you really want to get out of this. The standard package contains everything you really need. If you’re on a budget and you aren’t restricted by time and can set aside 25 minutes a day for the next 7 days then this is probably the one for you.

If you want immediate access to the entire course and don’t want to wait until the following day for the next Unit to be delivered then sign up for the Premium package. It’s actually not that much more and is currently the most popular option.

If you want to go the extra mile and receive personalized skype coaching with 2 x 30 minute skype calls as well as all the benefits of the Premium package then the VIP Package is the one for you.

Please note that for all packages, the course doesn’t start until December 13th 2015.

How long does the course take to complete?

The course is designed to take around 25 minutes a day for 7 days. If you’re on the standard package then you get one new Unit each day. If you’re on the Premium or VIP packages you get immediate access to all the content and, if you really want to, could do it all in an afternoon (although we recommend spreading it out).

Why doesn't the course start until December 13th?

Great question. I’ve found that people take the most action with goal setting and achieving during a window that starts around mid December. They tend to focus on the year that they’ve had and what they want the next year to look like. This isn’t just a fire-and-forget course but I really want you to follow through on what you’ve learned. The best time for you to do this is starting mid December.

If you’re joining after December 13th, don’t worry. The course will be immediately available to you.

Will this work on mobile devices?

Absolutely. This course and website are fully responsive and optimized for use on whatever device you take the course on. You can even start the lessons on your desktop computer and then login and finish them later on your phone.

When does the course start?

The course starts on Sunday December 13th 2015. If you join after that date then it starts as soon as you sign up.

How long will I have access to the course material?

You will be able to access all the course material from December 13 2015 (the official start date) until the end of October 2016. That’s almost a year of access which is plenty of time for you to set and achieve goals and have your best year ever!

What's the catch?

Honestly, there isn’t one. You’ve got a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. Just complete the course and if you don’t think you’ve had value for money from it then let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund your money. It’s really as easy as that. This is designed to be as risk free as possible for you. What have you got to lose?